Inspirational Quotes Wallpaper with inspsirational quotes from Edgar Cayce and nature photography by Carol Chapman, Carole Chapman and Miriam Balsley
Carol Chapman
Inspirational Quotes Wallpaper

with Inspirational Quotes from Edgar Cayce
by Award Winning Photographer Carol Chapman
and Miriam H. Balsley
Miriam Balsley

Be Inspired and Uplifted Everytime
You Turn on Your Computer with
Free Inspirational Quotes Wallpapers

These gorgeous nature photographs will brighten your day!

The inspirational quotations from Edgar Cayce will lighten your spirit!

You'll feel encouraged and hopeful no matter what's going on around you.

Feel yourself transported to beautiful nature locations portrayed in these scenic wallpapers.

New! from the Edgar Cayce 2010 Calendar:
  • Wouldn't you love to be in a beautiful Caribbean resort off the coast of the Maya Riviera? You awaken early to the sound of surf sucking against the beach. You mosey out on your balcony. Sunrise blazes through the clouds as a pair of pelicans drifts over the ocean.

  • Edgar Cayce's intuitive reading number 2984-1 suggest that we "Cultivate the ability to see the ridiculous, and retain the ability to laugh." In this amusing nature photograh, a swimming white pelican, which exists on beakfuls of fish, surveys a fish bigger than the waterfowl gliding just below the surface of the water at the bird's feet.

  • We all need encouragement during the inevitable difficult times in our lives. In this inspirational photograph, two stalwart daffodils triumph over snow and cold as they lift their lovely golden heads through the dead brown leaves of the previous season.
From 2009:
  • Imagine yourself gazing over a river as the early morning sun blazes over the treetops creating reflections of sunbeams and glowing clouds in the mirror-like water before you.

  • Pretend you're on a tour of wildlife around Alaska's picturesque Kenai Peninsula and you spy a family group of Sea Lions lounging on rocks overlooking the lively sea.

  • You've just woken up to a misty pink sunrise. You look out at your sailboat moored in the river. Everything is so still you can almost hear the trees breathe. The water smells so fresh. You feel invigorated. Is that the cry of a loon in the distance? Your body relaxes and your soul is at peace.
These are six of the beautiful photographs coupled with inspiring uplifting quotes from the world's best-documented psychic Edgar Cayce found in the Edgar Cayce Calendar. Edgar Cayce was a humble man, who lived a life in touch with the divine. He loved nature, keeping a large garden and spending many tranquil hours fishing from a dock beside his home.

Edgar Cayce's psychic readings not only provided information that healed many ill people, including those sick with life-threatening illnesses, but his trance source also provided insights and helpful suggestions for improving anyone's life. An inspirational quote from Edgar Cayce is embedded in each gorgeous nature photograph.


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